How to work with a cordless drill

Working with a cordless drill is very simple. In this article, we provide you with the necessary information to work with the charging drill.
We teach the first principles so that you can be like a professional.

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  • Introduction
    Cordless drills are versatile tools. The most important application of rechargeable drills:

    Dowel cuttingScrewing
    Additional functionsCreative functions

    different types of drill bits and the materials

    Forstner drill bitFlat wood drill bitHole saw drill bit
    Countersink drill bitPlug cutter drill bitTile/diamond drill bit
    Step drill bit Twist drill bitAuger drill bit

    Cordless drill styles
    There are two types of applications of cordless drills. The first type is used for work such as wood and metal drilling and paging, and the second type is used for heavier work such as concrete and stone drilling.

    How to use a cordless drill

    1- Charge the battery.
    2- Insert the drill and fasten it inside the cordless drill.
    3- Adjust the amount of torque according to your needs.
    4- Place the cordless drill vertically and press a little.

    Suggestions for working with a cordless drill

    Use safety glasses.
    Do not apply excessive force to the cordless drill.
    Clean and lubricate the cordless drill after drilling.
    Use quality drills.
    The result of working with a cordless drill

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