Love and Other Words: A Book Review

Love and Other Words is a contemporary romance novel that tells the tale of Macy and Elliot, e book lovers who meet as young adults, fall in love, and lose every different for 11 years. The novel alternates between the past and the present, revealing how their dating evolved and what took place to separate them. In this assessment, I will speak the primary themes, characters, and writing fashion of the e book, in addition to my non-public opinion and score.

The Isolating Effect of Grief

One of the principle themes of the e-book is how grief can isolate human beings and save you them from expressing their actual feelings. Macy, the protagonist, loses her mom to most cancers whilst she is 10 years old. She copes via shutting down her feelings and specializing in her instructional and professional achievements. She additionally avoids talking about her mom or her beyond with everybody, consisting of her fiancé, Sean. Elliot, the love hobby, comes from a large and chaotic family, in which he feels omitted and misunderstood. He additionally suffers from dyslexia, which makes him insecure about his intelligence and abilties. He reveals solace in studying and writing, but he additionally hides his ardour from his family and pals. Macy and Elliot bond over their shared love of books and phrases, but additionally they conflict to talk their deeper emotions and fears. Their inability to divulge heart’s contents to each different leads to a misunderstanding that breaks them apart for extra than a decade.

The Power of Literature and Language

Another topic of the e-book is how literature and language can connect people and inspire them to develop. Macy and Elliot meet in a closet complete of books in Macy’s father’s weekend residence. They spend hours analyzing, discussing, and recommending books to every different. They also play a recreation where they ask each other what their favorite word is and why. Through books and phrases, they study greater about themselves and every other, and they develop a friendship that turns into love. Books and words additionally help them cope with their non-public demanding situations and discover their actual passions. Macy realizes that she desires to be a pediatrician, now not a health practitioner, because she loves working with children and making them satisfied. Elliot realizes that he wants to be a writer, now not a legal professional, due to the fact he loves growing memories and expressing his emotions. Books and phrases additionally assist them reconnect inside the gift, after they run into each other in a bookstall and start speakme once more.

The Complexity of Love and Friendship

he 0.33 theme of the ebook is how love and friendship may be complicated and unpredictable. Macy and Elliot begin as buddies, but they quickly develop romantic emotions for every other. However, they’re afraid to destroy their friendship through admitting their enchantment, in order that they keep it a secret. They additionally ought to cope with external elements that threaten their dating, consisting of their households, their careers, and their distance. When they in the end confess their love, they are glad for a short second, however then they’re torn aside with the aid of a tragic event that includes Macy’s father and Elliot’s sister. They blame every other and themselves for what occurred, and they forestall talking for eleven years. When they meet again, they nevertheless love each other, however additionally they ought to face the results of their choices and movements. Macy is engaged to Sean, a a hit and being concerned man who loves her, but who doesn’t recognize her proper self. Elliot is unmarried, however he has been hurt through Macy’s rejection and silence. They must decide whether to re-light their courting or flow on with their lives.

The Writing Style and Structure

The ebook is written inside the first-man or woman factor of view, alternating between Macy and Elliot’s views. The chapters are classified as “then” and “now”, switching among the past and the existing. The “then” chapters display how Macy and Elliot met, have become friends, and fell in love. The “now” chapters display how they come upon every other again, and the way they cope with their unresolved feelings and issues. The writing style is enticing and emotional, capturing the characters’ mind and emotions. The talk is witty and sensible, reflecting the characters’ personalities and chemistry. The descriptions are bright and distinctive, growing a experience of vicinity and surroundings. The shape is effective and suspenseful, revealing the occasions and secrets step by step and preserving the reader invested within the final results.

My Opinion and Rating

I enjoyed studying Love and Other Words, and I found it to be a touching and fascinating story. I preferred the characters, mainly Macy and Elliot, who have been relatable and likable. I additionally liked the subject matters, specifically the significance of literature and language, which resonated with me as a book lover and a author. I also appreciated the writing style and structure, which kept me hooked and entertained. The only factor I didn’t like was the finishing, which I observed to be too rushed and convenient. I felt that the warfare become resolved too easily and fast, and that the characters didn’t face sufficient effects or demanding situations for their moves. I also felt that a number of the secondary characters, which include Sean and Elliot’s sister, were underdeveloped and stereotypical. I might have preferred to look more intensity and nuance in their roles and relationships. Overall, I would deliver the book a 4 out of five stars rating, and I could advocate it to fanatics of contemporary romance and books approximately books.

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