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The Fun Feeder enables your canine to live busy at the same time as ingesting, which may make mealtimes last as long as 10 instances longer. This can assist with digestion and reduce troubles like bloat, regurgitation, and over-ingesting. The Teal Mini Fun Feeder is made for small mouths and may be used with both dry and wet food. It’s great for small animals.

Some dogs eat their food at a terrific pace. Some humans act like they are afraid of losing their food, so that they eat it very speedy. This could be a huge hassle if you have a dog that changed into as soon as a stray and lived at the streets. These animals may have had a hard time locating enough food to stay, and had to fight with other puppies for leftovers.

If your dog is ingesting very quickly like a raccoon, you may be concerned about how it may affect their digestion. In some cases, it is able to cause them to very unwell or even be lethal. It also can make their belly hurt.

You can forestall consuming too speedy through the usage of a gradual feeder bowl. A sluggish feeder bowl can assist control how speedy a dog eats its meals.

Do you know What is a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

A dog eating from a gradual feeder bowl has to discern out how to devour the food with out ingesting it . It’s like fixing a puzzle to get the meals.

Barriers to eating fast could be strains, bumps, or raised elements inside the bowl. They may be made from different things, like plastic, metallic, or silicone. Many gradual feeders appear like bowls, at the same time as others are shaped like mats. These are made for small dogs or dogs with flat faces who would possibly have trouble getting their food from a deep bowl.

Instead, you can buy a slow feeder insert that makes your dog’s everyday bowl into a slower ingesting bowl.

You can forestall ingesting too speedy thru the usage of a gradual feeder bowl. A gradual feeder bowl can assist manage how rapid a canine eats its food.

Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Medium/Mini,


Advantages of using a slow feeder bowl for dogs.

Advantages of using a slow feeder bowl for puppies.

A correct gradual feeder bowl can assist maintain your canine healthy and safe by way of stopping them from consuming too rapid and getting unwell.

Some of the advantages are:

Slowing down whilst ingesting. A gradual feeder bowl will help your dog consume extra slowly and research that right matters come to folks that wait. As time is going on, people will evidently begin to eat more slowly.
Reduced danger of ingesting an excessive amount of. Eating slowly offers a canine’s stomach time to tell its brain whilst it’s complete. When a dog eats too fast, it is able to devour an excessive amount of earlier than its belly can tell its brain to prevent.
Better digestionIf your canine eats from a sluggish feeder bowl, it’s going to take smaller bites and can’t gulp down its meals quickly. This helps humans to devour greater slowly and carefully, a good way to make it easier for their bodies to digest the food.
Less chance of choking and throwing up. Some puppies eat too fast and might turn out to be getting food stuck in their throat, that may cause them to choke or throw up. A gradual feeder bowl stops the dog from eating massive portions too speedy.
Reducing belly and digestive problems. When there is too much food that isn’t always chewed properly within the belly, it is able to take a while to digest all of it well. This can make your dog’s stomach sense full and heavy, block their intestines, and provide them gas and constipation. This can make your dog feel worn-out, missing in power, and very sad.
Thinking and gaining knowledge of. A sluggish feeder bowl will hold your dog entertained even as eating. This may be excellent for a energetic canine as it enables them consciousness and pay interest.
Get rid of bloating risks. A canine that eats very fast may want to get a serious circumstance called gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), additionally known as bloating. A dog that eats too quickly can get a bloated belly as it swallows a whole lot of air at the side of its food. This can positioned too much pressure at the canine’s stomach, intestines, and stream machine. If the strain makes it difficult for blood to flow, a dog ought to cross into surprise, which could be very critical and may be existence-threatening.

Description of this product

Whereas your bushy associate no longer must battle for food, the ones survival instinctual can nevertheless preserve on indeed with the main organized doggy. That’s why at Outward Dog we’ve made the Fun Feeder Slo Bowl canine bowls highlighting meal-lengthening edges and numerous tough labyrinths. Fun Feeder Slo Bowls hold doggies locked in for as much as 10x longer amid mealtimes, which makes a difference and makes strides normally assimilation while creating a distinction between textured partners adjust to a greater fine tempo! With over 1 million those pooch bowls bought, in exceptional sizes and labyrinth patterns, you’re past any doubt to discover one that fits your puppy’s identity and slim down tendencies. The Large/Regular holds up to 4 mugs of dry kibble, the Medium/Mini holds 2 glasses, and the Small/Tiny holds three/4 boxes.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl


About this item SLOW MEATS UP TO 10X: The uniquely designed Outward Hound Fun Dog Bowl functions meal extension ridges to help sluggish down your dog’s eating time via a factor of 10!
Supports top digestion: Common troubles that occur in fast-ingesting dogs include bloating, vomiting and dog obesity.
Our amusing Slo bowls both venture and interact your canine all through mealtimes, at the same time as assisting reduce overeating behavior.
Is made with a non-slip base and meals-safe substances: Outward Hound’s Fun Dog Feeding Bowl, sluggish feeder canine bowl is designed to keep each amusing and food even as your dog eats through amusing patterns with anti-slip soles.
The bowl is BPA, PVC and phthalate free.
Diet Variation: Fun Feeders are available a whole lot of sizes and ridge designs.
These bowls are best for dry, moist or raw diets.
Large/Regular holds up to four cups of dry food, Medium/Small holds 2 cups, and Small/Small holds three/4 cup.
Easy to Clean: The Fun Feeder Dog Bowl is top rack dishwasher secure.
Less work for you manner extra play time for your domestic dog!

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Outward Hound Fun Feeder dog bowls have ridges that help slow down your dog’s eating by making meal time 10 times longer.

This product specification

Size of this productMedium and Mini
Color of this productblue/ purple
Dimension of this product2″ H x 8.75″ L x 8.75″ W

Safety of this product

Safety and Care: This isn’t always a toy for chewing. If the Fun Feeder breaks, take it out and positioned a new one in. Do now not use the microwave. Only for animals. Not made for kids to play with. You can put this inside the dishwasher on the pinnacle shelf the usage of a low warmth putting.


1. Are special bowls that make dogs eat more slowly good for dogs.

These bowls can make eating more fun for your pet and help them eat more slowly. This can improve their digestion and keep them mentally stimulated.

2. How can you create a slow feeder for dog food.

Consider this solution as a homemade way to slow down feeding. All you need is an old muffin tin. Just turn it upside down and put it on the floor. After that, put the dog food between the cups. This will make it harder for your dog to eat because they have to move around the cups.

3. What are the benefits of a slow feeder dog bowl.

A dog slow feeder bowl can help reduce the chances of your dog getting bloat because they won’t swallow as much air when they eat. The dog has to use its brain to figure out how to get the food out of the toy. Less chance of choking because the dog chews longer and is more careful with each bite.

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