The last guide to choosing the proper Hammer for every task

The way to hold the hammer is the same whether it is for hitting large or small nails. When holding the hammer, make a fist and place the thumb on the index finger and middle finger, or place the thumb right above the fingers.

Make sure you hold the handle near the end; Because with this way of holding you will have more power and the balance of the tool will be better maintained. With this method of holding a hammer, you will not feel like you are holding a hammer for the first time, especially if you are a self-taught carpenter who holds the hammer handle from above.

But you have to learn to use your whole hand to hold the hammer. As a result, you will not bend the nails when hammering; Because the hammer’s impact angle will be more parallel to the nail’s body, while if you hold the hammer’s handle from above, you will hit the nail from a lower angle.

1-Know-how Hammer types

a) Claw Hammer

The classic claw hammer is the most common type. The appearance of this hammer is that it has a handle and a striking part, and it also has a flat head, which is used for hitting nails, etc., and one part has two prongs, which It is used to pull out nails

B) Ball Peen Hammer

It is used for hitting sheets and hammering rivets. This hammer, like other hammers, has a handle, which, depending on the type of construction, has wooden and metal handles.


This hammer is used for demolishing and digging concrete and resistant surfaces. This tool has a lot of weight compared to other types of hammers

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D) Rubber Mallet

It is for use in cases where we need to work with it so that the blows do not damage the surfaces

e) Dead Blow Hammer

It is used for kicks without return

Important points when buying a hammer

series type

The head of a hammer can be made of plastic, metal or even wood, although the durability and consistency of each of these materials are completely different from each other.

The shape of the series

Some devices have a series with two cross-sections and some others only have a circular or square cross-section on one side.

Handle design and material

Another very important factor in buying a hammer is the material of its handle. The hammer must have a handle with a suitable and completely ergonomic design.

nail driver

In some of these types of hand tools, one side of their series has edges with the ability to pull out nails from different surfaces, which are known as nail hammers, and it might not be bad to have one of these in every Iranian home. There are also efficient tools.

hammer price

Buy according to your needs. Expensive hammers may not be necessary and choose the desired jack according to your needs.

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